Barton G

A Carnival of Foodie Fun You never know quite what you’re going to get when you place your order at Barton G. One thing’s for sure though—it will taste delicious. The playful New American restaurant specializes in its unusually crafted dishes. To get the full experience, everyone should order something different from the menu, then

The Forge

Living It Up Like Louis XIV The landmarked restaurant is one of Miami’s oldest dining establishments, but don’t let its history deter you. Since its renovation in 2010, a table at this glamorous restaurant has become sought after by the city’s trendiest diners. The Forge is known for its grandiose decor and outstanding food, which

Prime 112

Star-studded Dining in Miami Beach While it’s not one of the grandest on Miami Beach’s strip—for that you want The Forge—this restaurant is certainly a destination for celebrity sightings. (Our founder spotted Billy Joel on his last visit, and the Kardashians are frequently photographed outside the space.) This place is a must for clients who