Dominick’s Steakhouse

A Waterfront Oasis in the Desert When it comes to steakhouses in Phoenix, there are really only two choices: Mastro’s or Dominick’s. Both serve the most pristine porterhouses and rib eyes, arguably in the entire state, but if it’s steak and stone crabs that you’re after, no contest, you go to Dominick’s. The glamorous chophouse

Mastro’s City Hall

The Scottsdale Showstopper Mastro’s is the standard for steak in Phoenix Known for its enormous Nebraska corn-fed rib eyes and a Wine Spectator award-winning wine list, the steakhouse, which got its start in Scottsdale, now has 14 locations in major cities throughout the United States. While many come for the steaks and chops, which are

Pane e Vino

Comforting Italian Fare in Scottsdale This is the kind of place that you want to take leftovers home from, just to make the experience last a little longer. The Scottsdale restaurant is run by a sweet international couple, Jill and Stuart Bailey, and they do a good job taking care of you. Their wine recommendations are

Razz’s Restaurant and Bar

Eclectic Global Cooking Whether it’s a crazy piece of art or the owner’s latest bottle brought in from Italy, there’s always something new going on at Razz’s. Sit at the bar and you’ll see what we mean. Unlike eating in the main dining room, the owner and chef Razz creates off-menu items just for you